Dear Sonos band members,

Last February we introduced our team via email and during an All Hands at the Schuttersweg and Bergweg. We decided to focus on what would become our four pillars: Healthy and positive work environment, Sonos culture, education and training, and employee benefits. It is now time to give you some heads up on our work, progress and what to expect the coming months.


To listen to your voice within Sonos, you have had the opportunity to fill out the questionnaire created by the Works Council, held by the external party Desan. The questionnaire is closed and we are currently reviewing the outcome. We thank you for your honesty and time spent to be heard! The goal for the Works Council is to address the outcome with the management, set the priority projects (in accordance to the pillars and the suggestions

you addressed per the questionnaire) and get the departments involved in the matters mentioned. Information on the outcome will be shared with the employees.
As Works Council we meet every month and bi monthly with the management. Via our mail address we receive projects and we act with the right of consent. Also employees are asking us to address several matters. Of course these topics and projects are confidential until further notice by the department or management, but we are handling and discussing several matters since we started our work in February. We are working with our vision and mission as clear guideline; to hear all voices, be a sounding board and to advice management. With our first steps made, we will update more regular and will be in touch more on a face to face basis.
One of the larger projects is the pension plan. The Works Council is in close contact with HR and are working out the possibilities to create a Sonos Pension Plan. It is not to be mistaken, but the goal the company is striving for, is difficult and complex and therefore time consuming. During the summer, several employees have been trained to judge and review the proposals Sonos will receive from pension providers.These proposals will be presented to us early October.